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how to change a Microsoft account on Windows

Microsoft account
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how to change a Microsoft account on Windows

It’s important to keep your Microsoft account safe and secure. That’s why it’s so simple to set up a new password on your account right away, whenever that happens to be. It is also important to change your password from time to time so that nobody knows that password except you. If anyone else finds out what your password is, they can then log into your account using it. If you are using more than one device with your Microsoft Account, make sure you change the passwords for every one of them so that only you know that particular information. It is also critical to use unique passwords for different accounts if you want to keep them safe from hackers. This article will reveal all you need to know about changing your Microsoft account password and resetting it safely.

How to change your Microsoft account password?

If you’re trying to change your password, but don’t know the new one you want to use, then it’s a simple process. First, go to and sign in to your account. Then, click the Password link in the top right. However, you’re not done yet because you first need to click the Change Password link in the resulting window. From there, type in your desired new password, and then click the Next button. Make sure you write it down somewhere safe so that you can use it as your new password. Next, you will be asked to confirm your choice by typing it in again. Once you’re done, you can click the Save Password link, and that’s it.

Reset your Microsoft account password

If you forgot your password, then it’s possible to reset it. To do that, sign in to the account and select the option to Reset Password from the menu on the left. You’re then prompted to enter the email address you used to set up the account. From there, you will need to click the link in the email with the reset password link. Now, you will be directed to a page where you can type in the new password you want to use while logging in with the new address. There’s no need to remember the new password since you just reset it to get the old one back.

Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (also called 2FA) is a security feature offered by many online services that requires you to enter two different passwords to complete a login. First, you need to type in your password, and then you will be prompted to enter two pieces of information: a code sent to your phone via text message, or a one-time code sent to your computer via an app. This provides an additional layer of protection to your account. For example, if someone were to gain access to your phone, they wouldn’t be able to login to your account immediately since the login process usually involves entering the password along with the phone code. However, if they had access to your account and the phone, then they would be able to use it. It’s a great way to keep your account safe.

Google/Email account

If you have a Google account, then you can easily change your password from the Google account interface. To do that, click the menu button on the top right corner, click your name, click Settings, and then click Change password. You will be asked to enter your current password and then your new one. Microsoft accounts are linked to Outlook email accounts. To change your password on that account, go to your email account’s settings and click the link to change your password. You will be taken to a page where you can type in your new password.

Microsoft Account on Windows

Windows 10 users can easily change their password from the Sign In menu. It is also possible to reset your password, add a new user, or view a list of active accounts. To do that, click the menu button on the top-left corner, click the account icon, and then click the Settings option. From there, you can change your password, view your password history, and more. You can change your password from the Sign In menu under Settings > Accounts > Sign In. On the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, it’s also possible to change your password from the Windows 10 taskbar. Just right-click on the icon and select “Change password”.

Xbox Live and Skype accounts

The Xbox Live account linked to your Microsoft account can be easily changed. To do that, sign in to Xbox Live, click your username, click the Settings icon, and then select Account. There, you can change your password, view your Xbox Live email address, and more. Skype accounts can also be changed easily. To do that, sign in to your Skype account, click on the Settings option, click on the Passwords tab, and then enter your new password.


Keeping your Microsoft account password safe is important, and it’s also simple to do. Make sure to change your password from time to time and make sure it’s unique and hard to guess. Having a strong password will help keep your account safe from hackers. And it is also possible to reset a forgotten password, add a second factor authentication, view your password history, etc. We hope this article helped you change your Microsoft account password and reset it safely. If you have any questions about it, then please leave them in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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